A National Park for Glen Affric?


A new National Park for Scotland

Glen Affric – Nature’s choice

Scotland currently has two National Parks – Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park and  the Cairngorms National Park.  The Scottish Government views them as “…models of sustainable development and with that are central to rural economic development and recreation, sustainability, and conservation efforts.”

The Scottish Government is committed to establish at least one new National Park in Scotland by the end of this Parliamentary session in 2026, as part of the Bute House agreement with the Scottish Green Party and the Programme for Government.

FutureAffric believes that the Glen Affric area is the ideal location to establish a new National Park.

National Park

What will National Park status mean?

Glen Affric is recognised worldwide as probably the most beautiful Glen in Scotland, and is a destination visited by those not just wishing to see this beauty but also to experience the unique biodiversity and wilderness that has been here for decades. The proposal for National Park status could be different and not modelled along previously defined criteria that was developed decades ago that ‘large is best’ and ‘located on, or nearby major through routes’.

This is an opportunity to apply National Park status that would mean something different. That could be centred around and develop what has already been achieved by others here, including agencies and outside organisations as well as those that live here. It is an opportunity to show a location that will be an exemplar centred on biodiversity, pristineness, strong historic heritable value and its communities.

National Park

Who will benefit?

At FutureAffric we believe that National Park status should benefit everyone within the park area – Community + Partners + Business – where nature and people thrive together.

We see a number of ways in which communities lead themselves through developing their own assets, prioritising their main aims to include:

  • Conservation
  • Creating a great place to live and work
  • Ensuring a memorable visitor experience
  • Maintaining a sense of community
  • Taking pride in the area
  • Creating a strong local economy
  • Accessing affordable housing
  • Securing digital connectivity
  • Creating employment opportunities
National Park

How can we take the project forward?

A National Park in the greater Affric Area is at this stage only an idea in the wider discussion on Land Use and there will be many points to consider and people to consult. This website has been set up to discuss the pros and cons, the fears and hopes for such an ambitious project. The steering group who are leading this concept, will be consulting all stakeholders in particular the local community.  Those who live and work in Strathglass and the surrounding areas should have early input and a proper hearing rather than leave matters to landowners and external agencies.

Potential goals include improvements to tourism revenue, wildlife protection, housing availability, landscape enhancement, job opportunities, biodiversity, visitor management with the ultimate goal of greater local control.

Other stakeholders will include landowners, government bodies, charities and businesses as well as tourists and outdoor sports enthusiasts.