About FutureAffric


About Future Affric

FutureAffric is the name adopted by the Land Use group established by Strathglass Community Council in 2022.  This followed concerns, in the light of interventions by organisations from outwith the locality, as to what the future held for the Glen Affric area and in particular those who live and work here.

Given the decision by Scottish Ministers to establish at least one new national park by the end of the current Parliament this has prompted discussion on a National Park in the greater Affric area including the neighbouring glens.  However at this stage it is only an idea within the wider discussion on Land Use and there will be many points to consider and people to consult. This website has been set up to discuss the pros and cons, the fears and hopes for such an ambitious project within.

The steering group who are considering the concept, the options and the implications, would like to hear from all stakeholders but in particular the local community. Those who live and work in Strathglass and the surrounding areas should have early input and a proper hearing.

Potential goals include improvements to tourism revenue, wildlife protection, housing availability, landscape enhancement, job opportunities, biodiversity, visitor management and ultimately greater local control.

Stakeholders include landowners, government bodies, charities and businesses as well as tourists and outdoor sports enthusiasts.