Land Use in Glen Affric


Introduction to the Land Use Issue

Land Use


The proposed Affric National Park covers a wide area, with a variety of different types of land use, including farming, forestry and sporting estates. The lochs and rivers are also important for fishing and for hydro-electric power producing renewable energy. The tourism industry is important, attracting visitors for activities such as climbing and hill-walking, as well as those just enjoying the natural beauty of the landscape.

We need to consider whether the present land use is the most beneficial to the local population, and to the environment, or whether any change might be desirable. We must also look at any proposals for change being put forward now or in the future and make sure that we know exactly what they entail and what impacts they will have.

The Affric area is uniquely suitable to become a National Park because of its natural beauty and its iconic wildlife. Any assessment of current or proposed land use must aim to preserve the landscape and encourage biodiversity.

Above all, when any decisions are made regarding land use, we must ensure that the local community is thoroughly informed and is given every opportunity to express their views.